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Updated: Sep 25, 2021

Hakuna Matata

Stuffing food down my throat we rushed towards our car so we could catch our ferry, I ran up and down to collect all the stuff that I had left behind. After a tough game of tug of war we dumped our suitcases and finally found comfortable seats. After being cheated by an hour and a half we finally reached the port. After another rough game of tug of war we successfully reached the cars only to be wait for another hour and a half. We reached our hotel famished and ready to go to bed. Drained of our remaining energy throughout the trips we dragged ourselves to dinner. Contrary to our tiring and bumpy day, dinner was extremely fun. Their unrivalled pasta and a series of enthusiastic and congenial performances were capable of bringing a smile on anyone's face. As the dancers approached the crowd my heart started beating faster. I could see the man walking right up to me with hands extending towards me. How could I refuse such a sweet, affectionate smile? As reluctant as I was, the fact that I was a kid and thus couldn't be judged gave me inexplicable courage. I jogged up to the performers and after an awkward start I let myself move with the music. They guided us through the steps and soon we were moving with them exactly on beat. It felt magical, as though it was just us dancing together as if there was nothing bothering us, with no care in the world.

The next morning I woke up in a frenzy. My sister and I were supposed to go scuba diving and the classes were at 8. My parents and sister seemed extremely laid back and the idea that I was the only one worried about getting late was simply unacceptable. After huddling them up we had breakfast. We made it 15 minutes before class started which was quite calming for my nerves. I had done scuba diving once before when I was 9, so I already knew the hand signs. However after 6 years I was rusty. My sister and I practiced the different tricks and signs for about an hour before taking a bus ride to a shop. We changed into our jumpsuits and jumped in a boat. After about 15 minutes of rushing deeper into the sea we stopped and threw the anchor down. The water was crystal blue in some parts and the parts covered by sea weed were dark blue. It was a beautiful pattern which covered the whole sea. We jumped in after wearing our oxygen tanks. We pulled the green rope and went lower and lower into the depths of the sea. As we sank our knees into the beige sand I looked around. The water was crystal clear so we could see everything properly. The instructor guided us through the corals as we went up and down. We passed schools of colourful fish and spiky sea urchins. We were 10 metres down and the pressure was real. We were pushing out air every metre and my ears hurt throughout the first trip. After our first dive we were greeted by freshly cut fruit. I grabbed a few pieces of pineapples and my sister chewed on some watermelon. We let the sweet, cold juice fill our mouth as we looked at the clear turquoise water around us. Our second dive was way smoother. I screamed when we got too close to the huge sea urchins and tried to get away from the distant sea snake which was curling its way around the corals. The instructor finally let go of my arm after I stopped panicking and I managed to soar above and through the reefs on my own. It felt so incredibly free. As our time to go back to the surface came closer, we found a shell decorated in light pink and green on the white sand. We weren't allowed to take it back with us (as much as we wanted to), however I did bring back a few seashells from the beach. After taking the bus to our hotel we called it a day. The next day I woke up at 4 and shook my sister awake. We were going dolphin watching. After a 30 minute delay we started our trip to the shore. The water was warm, contrary to our expectations, and thus made our waddling through it to get to our boat comfortable. We couldn't go really fast because my mother gets easily frightened, however as the sun was starting to come up, we realised that we might not see the dolphins if we didn't go faster. After an hour on sea. we finally spotted the dolphins. There were about 7-8 of them together. Some people were snorkelling just so they could swim with the dolphins. They were carried by the waves and constantly moved back and forth. After swimming alongside them and watching them for 20 minutes, we decided to return home. We had experienced several amazing events in just 3 days. The rest of our time was spent idling around on the beach or pool . We drank sprite, fresh coconut water, played with some kids, collected sea shells and more. The food and relaxation was a huge pushing agent for us to get through our vacation. As much as I wish we didn't leave, I'm glad to know we can always visit. To Zanzibar.

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