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Will Terrorism ever end?

"Will they stop? Even if they get what they want? Will they?"

Terrorism is a serious issue worldwide. There are several terrorist groups around the world. Some are well known like the Talibans and Al Qaeda. Majority of the countries in this world at least have one terrorist group, and that is enough to disrupt harmony in the country. Different terrorist groups in different countries have their own agendas. Some with similar goals tend to help each other out, like when the Talibans provided a sanctuary for Osama Bin Laden while the world was out for him and his group Al Qaeda. Why will terrorism never end? It's simple really. No matter what we change there will always be a group of people who don't like the new decision. Then through that extremists will appear and they will things way too seriously. But its way more complicated than blaming the government. The government is also made up from people like us, they'll get scared and they have a constant pressure. We need to remember that these people have the potential to kill people and government officials have families. Then again let's look at some famous, real life examples of terrorism. Malala was a girl who got shot just because she was a girl studying when the Talibans in Pakistan had prohibited the country against it. The 9/11 attack was so devastating that it is still considered to be one of the most deadliest attacks in the world. Now ideally speaking no-one wants terrorism (excluding the terrorists themselves for whatever reason), so obviously different techniques must have been tried against them. However why didn't they ever work? When some governments took some terrorists as hostage or leaders as hostage it almost always backfired. When the helpless governments tried to negotiate it didn't work as they always wanted more. Now if their demands were easy to fulfil then they wouldn't exist anymore. It's mostly because we can't agree and give them what they're asking for, they continue to do what they're doing.

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