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The Long Walk

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

"Will we make it? Who will? I just want to stop for a few seconds, even two will do, is that too much to ask for? ...It is"

The book I want to talk about today is the long walk. This is a well written book by Stephen King. I have read all of his other books. For eg the popular it and Christine. The reason that this book really interested me was that Stephen King writes books only of the genre horror and supernatural activities. Loving this fact I always lunge at every book I see of his.The setting was very important to the book as the whole story takes place on the road. If the setting would have been different, say a forest then the rules might’ve also changed, which took away the spark from the book. As the book is all about following the rules. Even the most simplest activities like brushing, bathing and sleeping took place on the road.The main character changed a lot over the course of time. At first he was carefree and light hearted. He thought he could out walk all the other 99 walkers. But soon he realised that he may be the first few to fall. He got to value everything he had had. Even though soon his initial desire of winning was replaced by the desire of living.The theme of this book can often be confused into friendship. But if you dig deeper you would find that it is actually all about foolishness and loyalty. I know this as to understand the deeper meaning, I read the book thrice. The kids first thought about themselves but gradually came around protecting each other. This shows that they got to trust each other when they were actually competing to kill the other.I would recommend this book to middle schoolers and above. The language is strong and makes you feel as if you are there yourself. Every chapter has a different thing to learn. It is a real page turner as you don’t know whose going to die next. It teaches you about friendship and loyalty. But most importantly it warns you to cherish everything you have until it is out of your reach.

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