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The Kite Runner

"There is a way to be good again"- Rahim Khan

This is the first novel written by Khaled Hosseini. This book delivers us a form of truth as it talks about what happened when the soviets occupied Afghanistan and then the Talibans came along. Even though this book is a work of fiction, it probably does have space for truth as the author himself faced similar situations as the protagonist of the book did. The book was most likely inspired from the author's real life experiences, thus we can consider them true to a good extent. For the most part the book takes place in Afghanistan and a smaller half takes place in San Jose, California. These settings are extremely integral to the story as it closely correlates to reality. The story mainly comprises of the protagonist, his father and the son of his servant who is also his only friend. The protagonist, Amir is a rich kid with a fairly influential father. The antagonist would be Assef, a boy who seems to consider Hitler and his acts of ethnic cleansing an inspiration. Later, because of the war, he is forced to flee to Fremont, California. Although the author believes that the book entertains a lot of themes like father-son relationships, I believe that it portrays the theme of guilt, forgiveness and redemption. For a long time in the book Amir talks about his guilt and his inability to forgive himself. In the last few pages it portrays his ways of redemption which is all led by one sentence,'There is a way to be good again'. There are other minor themes like friendship, however they all seem to convey the larger themes underneath. This book can be read by anyone who is mature enough. The novel has been banned in some countries because of sexually explicit material, religious viewpoints, unsuited to certain age groups, offensive language and depictions of homosexuality. I personally recommend this book, not because I have a knack for breaking rules and doing stuff I most probably shouldn't, but because this book can be an eye-opener and even a form of relief for people suffering from guilt and thinking there is no way out. For there is always a way to be good again.

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