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Suffer with Me

"They implored the stars to guide them, but in the end they were the ones who were running the other way"

Beasts with no sense of smell,

we seek each other again

but beneath the vast sky,

we're all so insignificant.

How will we find each other,

when we can let alone recognise ourselves?

Blind puppies,

voices beseech us.

Lets drink the night away,

because it's hard to be strong;

when you're feeling so weak.

Lets fill an ocean,

it's making us breathless to shed every tear;


Like poles of a magnet,

though it's something we both want,

it's something we don't need.

We're aching to hear lies,

but that's a song that should never be sung.

We don't want to see the darkened, glistening;

windows to our souls.

After all it's a truth that we've hidden from for so long.

However we have wandered way too far,

believing the facades,

desperate for more.

It's a race that should've never been run.

So come find me,

and let's suffer together.

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