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Road to Heaven

"2 gunshots

1 aim

The bullet struck one,

Yet two hearts were maimed"

Frantic hands,

desperate eyes.

Different land,

did they lie?

Wildness is all around and within,

embracing is hard when comprehension is dim,

It seems so akin

as if right out of a book.

But, "Where are you?",

Weeping, they mourn.

O’ stranger

Hear your cue

And place your wager;

Is what you’re seeing true?

Then what is this

And who are you?

The Ambitious light slowly fades away

We watch as the youngsters slowly go astray

Reality, you claim

It is merely built on a thought

The truth, however is not what we claim

Don’t be distraught

Treat It like a game

There is no winner,

The end is the same,

Some reach it sooner,

While some later,

How soon will it befall you?

we’re all led,

Like a lamb to its slaughter

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