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Our trip to Geneva

"She who returns from a journey, is never the same as she who left"

We boarded a train at 8:30 on the 29th of June. Watching the huge lake go by us, we were headed towards the worlds fifth most expensive city, Geneva. We passed through Switzerland’s capital, Bern on the way. We reached Geneva at 12 pm. Geneva is a french speaking place and my sister and I have been learning french for quite some time. At first we had a few problems on our hand. We had no idea of how to get on a tourist bus, cabs were out of question as it would've been hard judging by our French skills, and we didn’t know how to get tickets for the trams which roamed the city. Putting our little knowledge of french to some use, my sister and I ran around asking for directions. Ultimately we were guided to an information centre which gave us a map and tickets for the trams and buses. Finally having found some sort of relief we decided to head out. However, there was another problem on board. We had lunch with a person at 1:30 and getting the tickets itself had eaten up a lot of our time. We had to find directions for the restaurant in time and sit in the right trams accordingly. The trams were nothing like I had ever seen. You had to press a button to open and shut the doors and unlike the trains, no one asked for tickets. Anyways, we started off on the wrong foot by sitting in the wrong tram. After going back to where we started we took another tram which lead us the stop we needed to get off at. we got off at Butini and realised we were 15 minutes early for our lunch. After some time the person arrived and some time later after the hearty lunch we went off on our two ways. We were supposed to check out the Broken Chair and the United Nations. The Broken Chair is a huge red chair with one broken leg. It faces the UN headquarters. Due to Covid we could not enter the building however we could take pictures and that’s what we did. The Broken Chair symbolises the victims of land mines in some countries. This was made as a form of protest to remove land mines and other weapons which harm the innocent civilians. After taking a lot of pictures we headed out to see the famous jet d’eau. It’s the world’s tallest fountain and the water goes up to 140 meters. The fountain was made in the middle of the lake. The water was so clear clear that you could the see the ground through it. We could see a lot of swans on the the other side of the lake. It was a beautiful sight. We walked to the public square right after which is the place where many historical milestones took place, like the founding of the League of Nations. We walked through several alleys and then back to the station. After buying a few gifts for our hosts in Munich, we left back for Interlaken.

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