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Our Inevitable End

"What hurts the most is to remember and love someone longer than you've known them"

It ends the same for us all. Some of us may be living our best life, traveling every day, going to the most expensive places some could only dream of, and doing whatever we want without worry. Some of us could be down in the dumps, searching for food through trash, begging for money every day, and being grateful for a meal once in a few days. For some, the gap isn't that huge and we live a satisfactory life without indulging in excessive luxury and not having the need to resort to desperate measures for survival. The gaps in these lifestyles are significant, however, while there seems to be not much in common for all these people living completely different lives, there is one thing that makes us all equal. Our inevitable end. When death comes calling we all have to give in to the same ending. So what makes a beloved ones death so painful, when we've accepted the fact that we all have the same ending? Is it the thought of never seeing them again? Or is it the guilt of not doing enough while they were around? While it is probably both, it doesn't really matter. Ultimately the story will go on, even if it'll never be the same again. And the only way for you to keep up with your story is if you turn the page and read on. It's impossible for you to be happy if you're still hung up on chapter 3 when you're in chapter 10 of your life. In the end it's best to leave the past where it belongs. Behind.

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