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Nuclear Power

"Why is nuclear power feared so much, yet wanted so bad?"

Nuclear power is, in simple words, a means to have a clean and efficient way of boiling water to make steam, or to turn turbines to produce electricity. Another is obviously making weapons for whatever purpose. The topic is focused mostly on the latter. There are only nine countries that own actual nuclear weapons. They are Russia, the United States, China, India, Israel, France, North Korea, Pakistan and the United Kingdom. Ever since the first nuclear weapon was made and used, everyone knows that the matters concerning the use of those objects is extremely serious and also prohibited. The first time they were used was by The US on Japan in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The effects are said to be present till now. The explosion wiped out the two cities and also marked the end of the war. It still occasionally shows up, with a newborn baby with deformities. The radiation itself was harmful, the explosion came way later. But the horrors went unnoticed, and since then no-one has ever used a nuke against any other country ever again. Now why do only nine countries have nukes? What about the others? Well The US made it during war and it wasn't made public that much. The UK made nukes to support The US during the Cold War. After the end of World War II, the former allies in the anti-Hitler coalition found themselves on different sides of the barricades. The American and British military drew up plans for a possible war against the USSR. They proposed the bombing of major Soviet cities using nuclear weapons. An opponent country having a weapon capable of ruining your country is never good news, moreover they weren't on the friendliest terms at the time. Thus USSR (Russia) also developed their own nukes. France got nukes because they were running out of other sources of energy and were in dire need for energy to fuel its war effort. Israel is merely believed to have nukes. Israel has not publicly conducted a nuclear test, and does not admit or deny possession of weapons. It just states that it will not be the first to introduce nuclear weapons in the Middle East. North Korea justifies its nuclear weapons as guaranteed protection against The US "hostile policy" of intimidation, military attacks, and regime change against authoritarian regimes. China committed itself to continue nuclear weapons development to break "the superpowers' monopoly on nuclear weapons ," to ensure Chinese security against the Soviet and United States threats, and to increase Chinese prestige and power internationally. Pakistan and India both developed nukes under the thought of a possible war. Now there are conflict hit countries that are not allowed to make nukes and countries who don't make nukes because they know it may start conflicts in their neighbourhood. Mostly because if a nuclear war starts, it'll just lead to mass destruction. It's like a double edged sword, you can use it, but when it's used on you you're gone. It destroys land, destroys future crops, destroys jobs, kills people, all these factors will lead to the fall of the country's economy. The good part about this is that not everyone can make nukes as they need to refine uranium to the point where it's useful, and that's not an easy task. Furthermore its even harder to obtain uranium itself. Also you would need a nuclear reactor and before you'd even get the chance to make one foreign superpowers will stop you. That is why India had to make their nukes in secret. Now if some countries have the power to defend themselves and also attack their defenceless enemies, obviously other countries also want them. This is why nuclear power is feared so much, it may backfire and cause more loss than gain, but at the same time they want it so much because it gives them a false sense of having the upper hand.

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