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My Stay In Pakistan

The snow-capped mountains, the flowing rivers, the green fields, and the bustling markets. The colorful clothes and the noise-filled streets. The garden with the small hill on top of which stood a small, yet strong tree. I want to go back to Pakistan, that is the moment I want to live in again. The time that I spent in Pakistan was definitely the best in my life. It may be because of my age, as I didn’t have a lot of work in first grade. I remember brief moments when my father and I used to go to the Islamabad Club and swim. After an hour or two we would go to a mall and eat star-shaped chicken nuggets near the glass wall which overlooked the city. The curiosity and the innocence I experienced then, those are the moments I want to relive. Back when the little things like your clothes or hair didn’t matter, back when we fought over chips, back when being thrown in the swimming pool without goggles was a big deal. Those are the moments I want to revisit. This all was possible in Pakistan. The country which had the worst relationship in any possible way with my nation. But that was the only flaw in that time, and that too was overlooked. The time that I spent in Pakistan was the time when I didn’t know what the enemy meant. By definition? Sure. By experience? Never. When you grow up in a protected environment, you never actually face the harsh reality until later in life. I have a very good example of that. My childhood friends lived across the street. The moments we spent crying about a character dying in the movie, the chocolate we stole from the fridge at midnight, the ghost stories we narrated from under the blanket, the pranks we played on the maids, and finally yelling out greetings to strangers from our bus window and then hiding under the windowsill. Those moments of innocence, where I didn’t have to think twice before doing anything. If you had such close friends, whose fathers were friends, mothers were friends, then you practically had no reason to fight, and you could do anything and everything together and not get in trouble. Those moments of innocence, where I didn’t have to think twice before doing anything. One of my most precious memories from the time I spent there was of my friend. I had a boy cut in those times and due to my boyish behavior, my friend’s younger brother thought I was a boy, and I thought that he was a girl, I mean if I looked like a boy and was a girl, then how could he not be a girl as well? Well fast forward to the present and after he saw me with my long hair and dresses, he refused to acknowledge that a human called ‘Diya’ had ever existed in his life. Well, maybe he denied that, but he couldn’t deny all those years we spent together and all those pictures of us on top of each other. Sadly, we aren't close anymore, so I really want to experience those moments where we both shared all our secrets without having any gender crisis. The freedom, carefreeness, and protection from the outside world is what I want to experience again. I want to look at the world from a different point of view, the innocent and curious point of view. If I had a choice I would go back to that time and live in those moments and cherish them. The time I spent in Pakistan, that would be the moment I would return to.

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