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Updated: Apr 2, 2021

"Sometimes the smallest moments leave the deepest mark"

We boarded our flight in quite a rush, there were a lot of people and you really wouldn't think that you were in the middle of a pandemic. Sitting in the clustered seats, I plugged my ears with my AirPods and fell into a deep slumber. After 2 hours we reached our destination and I turned around to bother my friend. It was quite late and really dark. We had arrived in Kazan. We grabbed our bags and walked to a pretty lady called Aida. She was supposed to show us around the city. I fell asleep in the bus once again and awoke once we reached our hotel. After dinner I went to bed thinking about our plans for the next day. The next day we set off to check out a few churches and religious places. The places that left a mark on me were the ISKCON temple and the mini multi-religious place. The ISKCON temple was very simple with just a few idols of god and a large room to pray. The multicultural place was extremely interesting. We entered to see a multicoloured wall made out of stones. Moving in we saw some very beautiful hand crafted dolls and then up the spiral staircase we saw a mini Indian temple. There was an incredibly breathtaking painting on the wall. There was a fake tree as well. I appreciated my culture being acknowledged and followed in other countries. One the second day we visited a museum and petting zoo of a kind. There were a lot of cats and we were greeted by one right at the entrance. We saw a well, a windmill, the place where the elderly used to sleep and we also learned how to cook a particular dish. After that we went on to see a church up on this hilltop. We walked for a really long time and saw a lot of old churches with beautiful frescoes. We also saw a bell tower. On the last day we went to the Kremlin in Kazan. It is white instead of red like in Moscow. We went inside to check the place out. There was another church in there, which was quite surprising as I wasn't expecting a church in there as well. It was a huge place with a beautiful mosque inside. We had to cover our hair as we went in. The colour coordination in there was extremely pretty. After that we went to an inn where we had our lunch. It was lamb and chicken skewers. The meat was extremely soft. We left for our hotel immediately after as we had to pack up for our flight. We quickly boarded our bus and waved goodbye to the hotel that had hosted us for 2 days.

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