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Imagining India: the Idea of a Renewed Nation

This is a very popular book among entrepreneurs and has been written by one of the best beaurocrats in India. The main objective of the book is for the reader to understand what are the weak points of India and why it is not a global leader just yet. Nanden Nilekani’s book is a compact history of India’s difficult transformation from its colonialist past, the heroic struggle for independence, the agonizing efforts to create a Democratic nation where there are 22 official languages, continual Muslim-Hindu strife, persistent societal issues stemming from the caste system, a carryover socialist/ Fabian economic mindset hindering business development, immense bureaucratic roadblocks, widespread corruption and ongoing governance issues between the central andal degradation, bureaucracy, and political corruption. Throughout the book he shall do two things in great detail, criticise the government and e higher, then we’ll have to adopt IT with an open heart. He moves forward to openly blame the government and its polithapter of look. He believes that the politicians of India use most of the money for themselves, than for the country. He states that this leads to low infrastructure and slow economic growth, which is the widely known and sad truth. But one thing which many people have rebuked him for is that he dares to give suggestions and push allegations on other politicians whilst being one himself. His answers contradict what he’s saying some time as well. Many readers have pointed out that, he said people should be treated equally and should not be discriminated against on the basis of caste. Yet a few pages later he suggested having a marks subsidy for backward castes, when he himself rebuked the idea pages back! His way of writing,though, is easy to understand and quite entertaining to read. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it to anyone.

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