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Gun Possession and control

"When you give someone power you have to be ready for the possible misuse of it and the following consequences"

There are many countries in the world where guns are used by the public For example in Yemen people can get guns really easily even though it isn't legal, Russia and South Africa have thriving black markets. Comparatively in US, Mexico and Guatemala it is legal to buy guns (constitutionally). Mexico has only one legal shop while US has more than 50000 retail shops to get guns from. This shows that guns can be found and possessed if not everywhere, then at least in several countries. Now the reason for gun possession is purely for self-defence. For example in India and Germany if you want a gun you need to explain why, and if you're under threat (mostly on your life). These reasons sound feasible but there are several miscalculations in this decision. When a person is scared by something or feels under threat, then sometimes they take decisions that they never thought they would. It happens faster than you know. There are examples, like when a black man was outside at late night and the cops pulled over. He was a deaf man, so when he reached to get his pen to write down his problem, they shot him thinking he was reaching for his gun. If the country had banned guns then even the thought that the man would own a gun to reach to wouldn't have existed and a man would've been alive. There have been several school shootings by mere students and their wild impulses. Obviously people aren't trained on how to use a gun when they get it, so even their 'self defence' can lead to a life lost. There are 195 countries in the world and if out of them only 3 countries have made it legal to own guns, then it shows that it's not a very popular idea and there must be a reason for that. These countries do have a large number of deaths by guns, comparatively to other countries. But that is not the main issue. Maybe because so many feel threatened by their neighbour owning a gun they feel the need to own one too. Either way when the governments allowed them to own guns they most probably had trust in their people, but as I stated in the starting quote, with power comes responsibility. And with freedom of exercising power comes abuse of power. And instead of the government, the people will bear the consequences of the government's decision. Please exercise responsible and necessary use of a gun or don't exercise that power at all (if your family owns a gun for whatever reason).

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