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For the sad kids

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

"Because time will fly and people will change, but in your memories they will always stay the same."

Number 1- There's a popular myth around first loves. You never stop loving them no matter how much they hurt you. You never forget them no matter how much time goes by. And when you meet them again, your pain of seeing them with someone else is always fresh.

Timeless affection,

endless pain

Tearful reunion,

cruel rain

Number 2- Autumn is a dull time when you finally let go, you have to shed your skin so you emerge newer and better. Holding on to a relationship especially when the other person doesn't love you anymore is heartbreaking. Because you know he or she doesn't love you anymore. You see it in their actions, in their words. You just can't bring yourself to accept it.

With every falling leaf,

with every falling tear

my heart breaks,

I'm only trying to keep you near

Number 3- As it's been portrayed fights are quite common in the hood. People being shot over misunderstandings and lives being ruined. Friends to enemies and police cars. It's sad but that's reality.

The blinding lights,

the tearing fights

a broken bond,

ending with a dying life

Number 4- Being cast out of a group is not uncommon. It has happened to everyone at least once. Many a times you'd have no idea, you'd just be thrown away because they suddenly don't like you anymore. You'd move around trying to find new people but your eyes will always drift back to your old crowd. You were part of them and you were used to them. What's going to happen to you now?

A look of longing,

the lost sense of belonging,

What went wrong?

the perfect world is cracking

'Because we can die, but our stories will live'

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