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Flipped Coin

"For the dead and the living, we must bear witness."- Ellie Wiesel

This poem shows the multitude of perspectives of people involved in The Holocaust, whether they be perpetrators or the victims themselves. It ends with the blame being placed on Hitler by the world, however, it is important to remember that The Holocaust could’ve never taken place without the footsoldiers and generals out on the field. The theme of realization is portrayed here because it shows how these people are aware of what is happening to them and what they’ve done.

I am the boy who woke at night

To see his future robbed by might

I am the man who picked his gun

And went on his daily mouse hunt

I am that girl who saw the fate

Of thousands trapped in a space

I am the man who kept his quiet

And led several to their plight

I am the one the blame is on

But truth be told it is us all

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