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The choice to take responsibility of a life, or not.

This topic is one of the most controversial topics today. To start off, I'd like to say that having an abortion is the lady's choice. It is simply none of our business. Think of it as if you're in a restaurant and you order meat, and at that time a group of vegetarians point at you and call you a murderer. They then proceed to approach your table and tell you not to eat meat. Your first thought would probably be,'it's none of your business'. Which is true! It's your choice! Abortion, though, is a bit 'different'. Even though both chicken and a preborn baby are living beings, if an animal dies the vegans and vegetarians don't seem to causing an outdoor in the society calling the non-vegetarians murderers. They simply urge them to not eat animals, a few calling them unseemly adjectives and pronouns. The difference with a baby is that it belongs to a woman, it's not yours. If the lady cannot raise her baby, is not financially capable, she doesn't have a partner, has a baby too early (high school),etc then you wouldn't personally raise the kid. We should try and understand that not everyone is in a condition to raise a kid. It's almost the same as getting a pet. Some people just don't have time and some just cannot take care of them. Other than that, it isn't even your body. It's like I'm forcing you to do something you don't want to and something you don't have a say in either. It's the lady's body and her choice. And we should respect that. We should know that just because we have one opinion, doesn't mean someone else won't have a different one. I know some people might have different views on this issue, but these were mine.

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