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A Glimpse in the Past

"And it will always remain preserved, crystal clear in my mind."

There was the faint chirping of birds, far away, in the lush green mountains surrounded by small, brown huts with blood red flags as their roof.

There was the excruciatingly painful twisting and churning in my stomach which magically disappeared after the inhaling of long thin ropes.

There was the insatiable thirst for the reddish-yellow mangoes on the rows of small, light green trees beside the main, gray road.

There was the mundane cage, which trapped me inside for hours, forcing me to look out of an uneventful box.

There was the bewitching fall of sapphire blue horses, running as fast as the wind and then falling dead after crashing into lilac stones, the neverending cycle of the waterfall which enchanted us.

There was the intoxicating scent of spices that tingled my nose and filled up my throat, the sweet and yet savory taste of the Rasgulla spread across my mouth, leaving me hungry for the other alluring piles of food.

There was the light blue sky, with fluffy white clouds, which was soon dyed a fierce red.

There was the slow nibbling of chicken nuggets, wanting to save them forever.

There was the slow and cold breeze which went through my body as if a feather gently fluttered over, and left goosebumps all over my body and resulted in my hair standing up.

There was the sting of bitter jealousy when my sister could go on the colorful ride which had a height requirement.

There was the overwhelming surprise and joy when I met my favorite author on the streets, an old happy man, whose face was filled with wrinkles when he smiled, you couldn’t see his eyes!

There was the anguish I felt when I saw a beaten up dog, its leg limp and ear bleeding.

There was the awe I felt when I saw my uncle skillfully handle a huge light brown horse in the windy wheat field.

There was the agonizing sadness when I realised we were leaving after three days, the beautiful snow-capped mountains, pebble led road to the river were to be bidden good bye.

There was the day I prayed for to never arrive, we boarded the indigo train and I had my tearful parting with the evergreen landscape.

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